Carving axes for spoon or bowl carving

I started my journey in blacksmithing in 1984 and started running the shop as a part time business in 1990.  After retiring from a 27 year career as a professional firefighter in 2014 I picked up my hammer full time.  Today I specialize in making tools and hardware for wood workers.  At the same time I have started to share my 30 plus years of experience with newer blacksmiths by way of YouTube.

As I continue my evolution as a blacksmith I find that I am interested in exploring many different types of projects.  As these one of a kind items are completed there is a good chance they will become available for sale through Etsy.

Forged Dragons head

Business has been quite good and due to the large backlog of orders I am not currently accepting new orders.  Instead I will be adding items to the Black Bear Forge Etsy shop as they become available.  If you would like to be placed in the queue for future orders you may join the Wait list I have no estimated lead time for those on the new wait list.


Battle axe, custom order