Axes and adzes

Carving axes and bowl adzes are some of my more popular items.  The items listed here are typical of the items I make. I will have similar items completed and available from time to time, please look under the shop heading to see what is currently available for immediate shipment.  For all other orders you will need to and your name to the Wait list I will then contact you when your name reaches the top of the queue to discuss the details and payment option for your order.

carving axes

The axe shown on the top is typical of the carving axes I offer.  The head is made from mild steel with a forge welded in tool steel cutting edge.  The eye is punched through the hot steel as the first step in forging.  These axes weigh about 24 ounces and feature a 4″ cutting edge.  They are available with or without a handle.

Carving axe with handle      $215
Carving axe without handle $195



bowl carving adzes

I make bowl adzes in two sizes the larger adze weighs about 24 ounces and has a shallower sweep than the smaller adze which weighs about 16 ounces.  These are made similar to the axes above from mild steel with a forge welded cutting edge.

Small bowl adze with handle      $195
Small bowl adze without handle $155

Large bowl adze with handle       $225
Large bowl adze with out handle $185


an assortment of axes

I make other unique axes from time to time.  If you need something special contact me to confirm that it is something I would be interested in making for you, then sign up for the Wait list to be placed in the queue.