Announcing the new wait list

Toward the end of last year I was out of the shop due to an injury.  During that time orders continued to pour in.  As a result I found myself topping 100 pending orders at one point.  While that sounds great, I find that now 6 months after getting back to work full time I still have nearly 70 orders pending.  It has seemed like and endless treadmill trying to get caught up.  So I have decided to stop taking any new paid orders for the time being.  Instead I have set up a  wait list so that customers can secure their place in the queue without having to commit to an order with lead times that could be several month (or longer) out.  Once at the top of the list we can discuss the specifics of the order and make arrangements for payment.  But there is no obligation until the order is finalized.

Currently on the top of the list of paid orders are several adzes.  nearly 30 in all by the time I reach the end of the current list. adzes

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