New Holdfasts available

I am now offeering holdfasts on the website After talking with Phil Koontz, who is very well known for his holdfasts, He gave me all of the details for his style of work. Phil is no longer making holdfasts and was glad to pass the information on to someone to continue making his style.
holdfast 020

I plan to include free shipping and a guarantee with these holdfasts


  1. I’m still working on my bench and it came with two hold fasts – not as nice looking as yours. They rusted quite fast. I’ll clean them up but is there something that won’t come off on the wood yet will rust proof them? Maybe a home gun blueing kit?


  2. I have tried wax or oil. But anything that prevents friction causes the holdfast to slip, so the wax or oil was a really dumb idea. The best option is to just keep them dry and clean. Lightly sand if they start to rust. The blueing might work, but even guns with blueing need a little oil from time to time.

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