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Woodworking Hardware

Due to an overwhelming backlog of orders many of these items are not currently available to order.  As they become available they will be listed for sale through my Etsy shop at http://www.blackbearforge.etsy.com  The items listed there are completed and ready to ship. typically within 2 business days


We are happy to offer custom hardware for your woodworking projects.  Whether your making a shaker cupboard, colonial blanket chest or a traditional tool chest we are able to customize hardware to fit your needs.  All mounting hardware is included.

Please call or email us to discuss your specific design requirements.

Watch our new video on YouTube Forging a strap hinge part one

Click here to read a review by Chris Schwarz of Lost Art Press

Review from Megan Fitzpatrick from Popular woodworking

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Cabinet hinges 6"

Blanket chest hinges

these feature a forge welded eye and a strap of about 9"
Based on historical samples

blanket chest hinges

4" door or cabinet handle


Dutch Tool Chest Hinges 

These are the design used by Chris Schwarz for his Dutch tool chest 
set includes two hinges and the hasp

Dutch tool chest hinges only

Dutch tool chest hasp only

Dutch tool chest hinges with hasp

Please note that these Dutch tool chest hinges and hasp are designed so that one portion is mounted to the exterior body of the chest and the other is mounted to the interior of the lid.  See Chris Shwarz blog for more details.

If you prefer a set of hinges that both mount to the same surface please let me know. 


Close-up of hinge detail

Need some custom variation, please ask.

This is an alternate detail to give some idea of what else can be done.

Simple chest hinge

These are meant to mount between the back board and the lid.  Please let me know how thick the back board is on your chest.

Simple chest hinge with long strap

These are the same as the above hinges, except you may chose a strap hinge for the center leaf.  Finial options are pictured

Mastermyr style hinges

This set of hinges and hasp are inspired by the Mastermyr tool chest find.  This was a Viking era tool chest discovered in 1938 Sweden. 

Simple chest handle

Back plate measures 
2" X 5"


Megan's Cats

A pair of cat head chest handlesThese where originally designed for Megan over at Popular Woodworking 

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