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We are proud to offer hand forged iron holdfasts for our woodworking friends.  Phil Koontz was one of the most prolific hold fast makers for many years.  Sadly Phil has moved on to other endeavors. After communicating with Phil he has shared his designs and production methods and given his permission for us to reproduce his holdfast design.  In addition to the Koontz holdfast we will offer other traditional designs.  

Since all workbenches vary with regard to thickness and hole size please let us know what your needs are so we can do our best to ensure your new holdfast will fit your workbench.

All holdfast are guaranteed to fit and hold.  If they don't please send them back with a description of the problem and we will make adjustments to fit.  If we cannot obtain a fit and hold you are happy with we will issue a full refund.

These are the Phil Koontz style holdfasts now being made here at Black Bear Forge

Made to fit either a 3/4" or 1"  hole in benches up to 4" thick

Leaf end Holdfast
for 3/4" hole $50 each


Leaf end Holdfast
for 1" hole $75 each

Simple Holdfast, the same as the above but without the leaf

Simple Holdfast 
for 3/4" hole $45 each

Simple Holdfast 
for 1" hole $60 each

This is a heavier holdfast forged from square bar with a square forged corner These fit a bench up to 4" thick

Traditional style Holdfast
for 3/4" hole $100 each

Traditional style Holdfast
for 1" hole $150 each

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