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Custom Hinges

Hinges have long been a standard item for blacksmiths.  Every door needs hinges to make it work and our hand forged hinges will really dress up your door.  Whether for a barn, house or cabin we can make hinges to suit your project.

Below are some samples of hinges we have made.  As with most blacksmith work the variations are endless. Your sketches or photos, showing what you have in mind, will be welcomed. Please contact us for your custom hinge requirements.  A strap hinge of the size shown below start at about $75 each.  

Due to an overwhelming backlog of orders these items are not currently available to order.  As they become available they will be listed for sale through my Etsy shop at http://www.blackbearforge.etsy.com  The items listed there are completed and ready to ship. typically within 2 business days

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This strap hinge features a rat tail pintle.
Close-up of the rat tail hinge pintle.  This pintle has a lag screw thread on the main body. The tail extends from the pin to help prevent rotation.
A sampling of only a few of the possible hinge finials.  These are all traditional styles.
Set of four straps with chased and stamped details

Value $125 per strap

A close up of the above hinge
Green and Green style hinge that is a full four feet long and four inches wide.

Value $200 each

These barn door hinges feature a full length pintle and hinge pin.  These doors also feature forged brackets and cane bolts.  

The three straps and long pintle valued at $300 per door.

This is actually a dummy plate used with comersial hinges.  This plate is 3/8" thick and about 5" X 12"  This is all cut out hot with a chisel.

Value $150

Large strap hinges and wall sconce. Wright home in Evergreen, Colorado.
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