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Fire Steels

Fire steels are the traditional method for starting a fire.  By striking a spark between flint and steel a hot spark is created which is used to kindle your campfire, light a lamp or even light your pipe.  When using flint and steel to start a fire the sharp edge of the flint shaves of thin piece of the steel, the friction generates heat that ignites the spark.  This steel spark burns at over 2000 degrees.  The spark will burn out quickly and must be caught in something that will continue to smolder or burn until the fire is started.  Char cloth, cotton cloth that has been charred, is the classic material.

Our fire steels are made from new W-1 tool steel that is hardened to produce a shower of hot sparks.  Hard steel is absolutely necessary for a good shower of sparks, unfortunately hard steel is also somewhat brittle.  If you abuse it, it will break, so please treat your striker with respect to avoid breakage.  We guarantee all of our strikers against breakage.  If you break a striker under normal use, please return it and we will replace it at no charge.

Simple Fire Steel
no curls on tips


Traditional Fire Steel
curl on each tip


Colonial Fire Steel
single-sided handle


Classic Fire Steel
offset striking surface


Spanish Fire Steel
two-sided striker with curls


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