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Fire Irons

Fire irons are used when cooking over an open fire.  The two uprights are driven into the ground with the cross bar hung between them as shown.  You then hang your pots from the cross bar using S-hooks.  Each fire iron set comes with three pieces (2 uprights and 1 cross bar).  The fire iron set may also be arranged as a tripod.

The medium-size fire irons are the most popular for one or two people, while the large set is the best for families or larger meals.  I would only recommend the small set for those who are trying to go light and only use little pots.  The extra large set is huge and best for large groups; it is much too big for most families.  The lower photo  shows a large and a medium set.

Please see the ordering page for shipping information on Fire Irons.

Custom set with large uprights and oversized cross bar.  On the ends hang poker, shovel and other tools.  If you want something special, all you have to do is ask.


Small Fire Irons
5/16 x 24"

Fire Irons

3/8 x 32"
Large Fire Irons
1/2 x 42"
Extra Large
Fire Irons
5/8 x 52"
S- Hooks $4.00 - $5.00
Select Length
Skillet Holder

Upright size

Simple Fire Poker $35.00

Simple ash shovel










Medium and large fire irons
shown for size comparison.

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