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Camp Iron

Due to an overwhelming backlog of orders these items are not currently available to order.  As they become available they will be listed for sale through my Etsy shop at http://www.blackbearforge.etsy.com  The items listed there are completed and ready to ship. typically within 2 business days

Here are some handy items for use around the camp.  While most of these were originally designed for re-enacting, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), buckskinning and rendezvous, you will find them to be just as much at home in a camp, chuck wagon or trail drive setting.

fire_irons.jpg (10741 bytes)

Fire Irons
for suspending your cooking pots over the fire.

s_hooks.jpg (10481 bytes)

used with your fire irons to hang the pots

Skillet_holder.jpg (7803 bytes)

Skillet Holder
lets you use a skillet with your fire irons

tent_stakes.jpg (8050 bytes)

Tent Stakes
serious stakes for keeping your tent or tipi tied down

Fire steel strikers

Fire Steels
the old traditional flint and steel fire starter

pole_hook.jpg (27279 bytes)

Pole hooks for tent or tipi poles

Axes and Tomahawks
traditionally made trade and belt axes

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