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Ordering Information

Orders may be paid by check or money order.  We can also accept credit cards through PayPal.  Please contact us if you experience any difficulty.

All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping.  

For large custom orders a 1/3 non-refundable deposit is required to cover the cost of materials.  The second 1/3 is due when your order is half completed and the final 1/3 is payable prior to delivery.  

How soon can I expect my items to arrive?

Your order will be on its way to you as soon as possible but probably not immediately. (That's what your local hardware store is for.)

Because nearly all of our production is custom work, we have very little "in stock" inventory.  We are a part-time business, firefighting being the other occupation, so the shop does not operate daily. Additionally, we are currently heavily involved with building a home.

Orders are queued as they reach us. Depending on what projects we are already working on, the time it takes to complete and ship your order may vary greatly, ranging from as little as two weeks to as long as eight weeks. In some instances orders may take even longer. Remember that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind handmade item. Please be patient and we will get your order out to you as soon as we can.  If your need is urgent, please drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

Currently we are running with a 2 - 3 week lead time.


Due to the variety of items we sell and the generally heavy nature of iron work, shipping is calculated based on the heavier items. Sometimes this causes the automatic shipping calculator to overcharge for shipping. If this occurs, we will refund excess shipping costs. 

International order will be billed separately for the additional shipping costs.


Standard items are priced at a fixed retail rate.  I do not offer any wholesale discounts.

Please contact us for shipping estimates on your order. Iron is heavy and it is hard to include accurate information on the website.

Custom orders are priced at the following rates:

 Hourly Shop Rate ------------------------ $100.00 / hr
     Materials ------------------- $ value of materials used
Design Rate* --------------------------------50.00 / hr

*Design fee equal to 5% of final cost deducted from final order.  
In other words, for each $1,000, one hour of design time will
be deducted from the final.

All designs remain the property of Black Bear Forge.

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