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About Black Bear Forge

Black Bear Forge is a small family-owned and operated blacksmith shop near the town of Beulah, Colorado.  Beulah is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, south- west of Pueblo, Colorado.   In  October 2014 I retired from my career as a professional fire fighter and started working full time in the shop.  As things continue to evolve I find that I am receiving more business than I can reasonably handle and will be moving from a made to order style of business to a ready made and available format. 

Artist's Statement

I have found a great deal of satisfaction from forging metal for a variety of reasons. The art of blacksmithing continues to challenge me to learn new skills and techniques. There is always a sense of gratification on the tactile level as I shape steel made malleable by the heat of the fire. Making things of beauty and utility for other people has always provided me with the greatest satisfaction.

About Us

John is retired from a 27 year career as a full time as a Firefighter in Aurora Colorado. Janet is retired from an engineering office and now Operates Camp Robber, specializing in quality waxed canvas bags.  We are on year 10 of  a new log home that consumes most of our spare time and will for the next several years.  Janet is doing most of the design work and serving as the general contractor while John has taken on most of the building and site work since the logs went up in 2008.  

John Switzer
Janet Rivera Switzer
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